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Sam Smith on His New Music, Love Life, and Weight Loss

Sam Smith on His New Music, Love Life, and Weight Loss

"Extra's" Jerry Penacoli sat down with Sam Smith to talk about his upcoming second album, stunning weight loss, and work on the James Bond "Spectre" soundtrack.

Smith explained to Jerry that he is trying to get into the same "headspace" he was in when he wrote his first album, "The Lonely Hour." "I was in this weird space where I really wanted to be successful, but I was hurting so much that the songs that were on the album that were coming out, they were't trying to be anything… I wash't writing them thinking, 'I want to write a smash pop album right now,' it was just that I was feeling something, writing it."

He also revealed that he will take some time off to write. "I need to step back, go home, be a 23-year-old boy." Part of going home includes some time for his love life, "Go on some dates…” When Jerry asked, "How’s that department going? Good?" Sam replied, "It's good, it's good, it's good, right now…It's always ups and downs, isn't it?"

The singer's weight is down, too, by nearly 50 pounds. Despite losing the weight, he will always be self-conscious. "When I was a kid, I was fat. I was really fat, like, really fat, so it's always going to be something that's stuck with me, but I don't mind it — I think it's good to feel a bit self- conscious."

Actually, feeling self-conscious helps him with his songwriting. "One hundred percent, the vulnerability factor of it does, for sure. I'm always going to have an issue with my weight and always going to be trying. I love food more than you can ever imagine." The secret to his weight-loss success? "I basically stopped eating as much."

Smith is showing no signs of stopping. The theme song he wrote for "Spectre,” "Writing's on the Wall" is already #1 in the UK, making it the first song in a Bond film ever to shoot to the top of the charts there. "It was absolutely amazing… I can't explain. It's strange because it's almost like there was a curse hovering over all the songs, wasn't there?" He added that he didn't feel pressure when he was writing the song. "I didn't feel pressure as I was writing the song because I was like a little boy in a sweet shop."