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Donald Trump on Who's Giving Him 'SNL' Advice: 'It's Gonna Be a Big, Fat Surprise'

Donald Trump on Who's Giving Him 'SNL' Advice: 'It's Gonna Be a Big, Fat Surprise'
Presidential candidate Donald Trump took a moment to speak with "Extra's" AJ Calloway at the third Republican debate in Boulder, Colorado, where they chatted about his upcoming "SNL" hosting duties.

When asked who he was getting advice from for "SNL," Donald replied, "It's gonna be a big, fat surprise."

He did, however, reveal about "SNL's" executive producer, "Lorne Michaels is a special guy and we're gonna have a lot of fun. I just spoke to him before the debate. He called, I said, 'What timing, as I'm going up to the stage.' We're gonna make that really an incredible evening."

The former "Apprentice" host and AJ spoke four times in the Spin Room, prompting Trump to joke, "I can't get rid of you."

At the debate, The Donald took on the CNBC moderators, who are getting backlash for their line of questioning. He said, "It was very different than the Hillary debate, where that was a cake walk. This was different."

The Donald's wife Melania cut the moderators a little slack, saying, "They're doing their job. Just keep tough and smart and keep going." He was more than happy to have his family by his side for the evening, sharing, "It felt great — the family was there, they had everybody there, it was great."

Trump was happy about his family and his performance, saying, "And it was great we did so well."
Aside from "SNL," Donald is also getting "ready" for the fourth debate. "We have another one in two weeks and I know one thing — we'll have big crowds.”

Before the evening was over, Trump told AJ, "We're gonna make America great again, AJ, and you know I can do it."