#Olicity News: Will Oliver Queen Propose to Felicity on 'Arrow'?

#Olicity News: Will Oliver Queen Propose to Felicity on 'Arrow'?

When will "Arrow's" Oliver Queen propose to Felicity Smoak? #Olicity shippers want to know! caught up with stars Stephen Amell and Emily Bett Rickards on the set in Vancouver to get the scoop on their onscreen relationship.

Stephen wouldn't divulge much, but did say that a glass bowl was the "stupidest" place to keep a ring, adding that fans will see it again "sometime during the season."

Emily shed more light on the topic revealing that "Felicity hasn’t seen it, I haven’t tried it on. I don't know if it fits. They should really probably measure my finger if they are really going to do it. Yeah, that’s a rock. Felicity's life is so different than mine. Like there are no diamonds on [my hand]."

When we asked how Felicity would react to the proposal, she joked, "Oh, my God! Are we going to Miami?" She added with a laugh, "That is like Katie [Cassidy] and I's perfect engagement — going to Miami."

Taking the question a bit more seriously, she gave this mysterious answer, "She's totally in love with him... why wouldn't she say yes, unless there were some secrets being kept..."

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