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Joe Jonas's New Group Debuts First Music Video

Joe Jonas's New Group Debuts First Music Video
[Credit: Republic Records]
He's most famous as the lead singer of the family act the Jonas Brothers, but Joe Jonas is branching out with his new group DNCE (pronounced D-N-C-E, not "dance").

The group — made up of Jonas, JinJoo Lee, Cole Whittle (of Semi Precious Weapons), and Jack Lawless (who was a drummer in the Jonas Brothers Band) — was formed this past summer, but it wasn't a spontaneous decision. Jonas has said, "I had this vision for about five or six years, but I took some time to hit the reset button and figure out what I wanted to do next. Once we got going on making this new music, it all just fell together so perfectly."

The band's lead single owes its unusual name to an English-as-a-a-second-language mix-up. When Jonas's Swedish collaborators Mattman & Robin mistakenly referred to the popular drink Sex on the Beach as Cake by the Ocean, a song idea was born. "That song was a total breakthrough," Jonas remembers.

It's a big departure from the songs of his Jonas Brothers catalogue — a bouncy, discofied party anthem in which he announces mid-song, "It's f-ckin' delicious."

The video has a strong "Sexy and I Know It" aesthetic, and features Clayton Johnson as a newscaster. Johnson was cast by Jonas's girlfriend Gigi Hadid:
Check out the music video for "Cake by the Ocean" here.