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Love Ranch Owner Details Lamar Odom’s Medical Emergency

Love Ranch Owner Details Lamar Odom’s Medical Emergency

“Extra” spoke with Love Ranch owner Dennis Hof about events that led to Lamar Odom’s emergency hospitalization on Tuesday.

Lamar had been at the Love Ranch in Crystal, Nevada since Saturday.

Hof said that his staff had been to Lamar’s room at 6 am, and returned at noon to serve him lunch, but he was sleeping. When they returned at 3 pm he was unconscious.

When they found him, Odom was in bed on his right side. Emergency staff asked them to roll him over to his left side, and foam, mucous and blood started coming out of his mouth.

Hof said he monitored the situation from the time he was found until he was transferred to Sunrise Hospital in Las Vegas.

He addressed rumors that Lamar was using drugs. He said that Lamar was given a bottle of cognac when he arrived, but after four days, there was still a third of a bottle left.

“There was nothing in his room that would indicate he was doing any illegal drugs. The police department went through his things, they didn’t say anything to us about illegal drugs. I hope he was not doing drugs on my premises because we talked to him about that and he assured us he would not do that.”

He continued, “I’m told he did 8-10 of the herbal Viagra pills, supplements. I think a normal person would take one or two and call it day. That seems like an enormous amount to me.”

Hof, who owns several brothels, released the book “Art of the Pimp” earlier this year.