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David Cassidy's Hit-and-Run Victim Tells Terrifying Account of Car Crash

David Cassidy's Hit-and-Run Victim Tells Terrifying Account of Car Crash
The victim in David Cassidy's hit and run is finally sharing his side of the story.

Truck driver Pedro Vargas told Daily Mail in an exclusive interview, "I steered so hard. He hit me the first time then he bounced [and hit the concrete] and I'm thinking, 'This guy's not putting on the brake he's putting on the gas' and he hit me twice and the second time he started sliding along the middle of my truck."

Vargas added about the collision, "I was driving at 60, maybe 65, miles per hour. For him to hit me like this he was coming at 80, maybe 90, miles per hour."

After the crash, Vargas immediately got out of his truck. "I started feeling pain and my heart was shaking so fast. I felt like my head would explode and I couldn't breathe. I lay down and a lady and two guys assisted me."

Cassidy approached Vargas, who was still getting help on the ground. According to Vargas, "His car was destroyed at the front on the left side and the right side tire had exploded. I remember how badly damaged it was and he ran like that."

He added, "I couldn't breathe and I see the guy starting his car and he ran."

Looking back on the scary accident, Vargas said, "I can control my truck. But what would have happened if that happened in a small car, maybe with a woman with kids, someone who didn't have the experience? With the guy coming so fast maybe it would have been a bigger accident – maybe somebody would have died. He could have killed somebody."

Cassidy was charged for leaving the scene and will have a court hearing on October 27.