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Jim Carrey's Ex Was Married When She Died

Jim Carrey's Ex Was Married When She Died
[Photo credit: Splash News]
It has been reported that Jim Carrey's ex-girlfriend Cathriona White was married at the time of her death.

An official with the Los Angeles Medical Examiner's office told THR, "She had a husband, we have a husband as next of kin. We’re not releasing any more information on next of kin, but we do have her as married."

Daily Mail has reported that White was married to Los Angeles cameraman Mark Burton. Since she was married, her body will be returned to Burton, who is arranging her funeral in Ireland.

Carrey was reportedly aware that White was married, but that she was separated from her husband. Another close source to Jim shared, "There is no way that Jim would have taken her out to public places if he thought she was married. As far as Jim was concerned, Cat was separated from her husband and was going to start divorce proceedings in December. When people are separated, they date or do whatever they need to do."

The coroner has completed White's autopsy. Results are expected in eight to 12 weeks. The coroner's office said, "It came in as a suicide, but we're not noting it as such yet until we can confirm what was in her system."

Last week, White was found with Carrey's prescription drugs by her side, which were taken from his Brentwood home. An insider revealed, "They were his medications, but unbeknownst to him, she took the pills. He had no idea. He didn't even know they were gone for a few days."