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Tracey's Tricks and Trends: How to Remove Laugh Lines and Acne Scars

Wanna make all those laugh lines and acne scars disappear?

Dr. Ava Shamban has the perfect solution – Bellafill, which she says is "a derma filler composed of tiny little plastic beads suspended in collagen."

Shamban added about Bellafill, "It's approved for the treatment of folds formed when you smile, and also for acne scars."

Bellafill does the trick without much down time or discomfort. "It doesnt have any more swelling and  bruising than any other filler."

The filler, which lasts up to five years, also stands on its own with the rest of the competition. Shamban shared, "Currently available fillers only last for about 12 months. Bellafill is a huge advance, and the results are remarkable."