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Watch James Blake Being Thrown to the Floor in Mistaken Identity Arrest

Check out the newly released surveillance video of retired tennis player James Blake being manhandled by police officer James Frascatore in front of the Grand Hyatt Hotel in NYC.

The officer mistook James for a suspect involved in credit card fraud.

The NYPD wrote in a statement with the video, “The NYPD’s Internal Affairs Bureau interviewed James Blake last night. The NYPD is releasing video footage from the September 9th incident outside of the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Manhattan. A copy of the video was provided to Mr. Blake’s attorney. The investigation is still ongoing.”

The video was released after James went on “Good Morning America” on Thursday to tell his side of the story. “I do think most cops are doing a great job keeping us safe, but when you police with reckless abandon, you need to be held accountable. I was standing there doing nothing — not running, not resisting, in fact smiling. He picked me up and body slammed me and put me on the ground and told me to turn over and shut my mouth, and put the cuffs on me.”
This isn’t the first time that the officer has been accused of using excessive force; there are two lawsuits against him from 2013. In one complaint, he was accused of beating up a man in Queens and another claimed he used excessive force on a man riding a bicycle.