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Jessica Simpson Feels No Pressure to Have More Babies

Jessica Simpson Feels No Pressure to Have More Babies
Jessica Simpson took a moment to chat with “Extra’s” AJ Calloway at Tavern on the Green in NYC while celebrating the 10th anniversary of her billon-dollar clothing line.

Jessica was accompanied by her mom, Tina, who put the pressure on by asking her, “When’s gonna be the next grandkid?” She responded, “There is no pressure, my sister has it on her now. It’s all about Ashley having babies now.”

From babies to business success, Jessica said, “Ten years, can you even believe it? The line doesn’t feel like ten years!” When asked if she could ever imagine having a company that was worth a billion dollars, she shared, “If I had a billion dollars in the bank, I would be like, oh yeah.”

On her company’s growth, she added, “We’re getting into activewear, which is launching in November, which is exciting. It’s so good, because all I have been doing is working out to get rid of this baby weight, and it’s happened, so I know what women want to wear.”

Jessica just celebrated her 35th birthday with close friends and hubby Eric Johnson. “I took, like, 35 friends to St. Bart’s and we all partied it up, we had the best time. It was our first time to be away from our kids… we were shocked a little bit.”

While Jessica and Eric were gone, they did stay in touch with kids Maxwell and Ace. “We were FaceTiming a lot with the kids. We were like, are you eating your bananas? Is everything okay?”

Simpson is also celebrating her one-year wedding anniversary with Johnson. “I feel like we’ve been together for so long, 'cause we have two kids that are way older than one year.”

Though Jessica has a very successful business, she is still raving about Jessica Alba’s Honest Company, saying that her kids wear the brand’s diapers. She also revealed that their husbands were college buddies. She said, “They’re Yalies, they call themselves Yalies… apparently, it’s the smart term. How would I know?”