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What the Face? Jessica Alba's Bizarre Beauty Treatment

Hollywood beauty Jessica Alba needed an emergency skin treatment before work, and the picture of what she had done has us asking, "Jessica, are you in there?"

Emergency session w @shanidarden 😱 before work today

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The bizarre mask is called The Opera, and it works using LED lights to treat the skin by stimulating collagen production and killing bacteria. We've seen Jessica Alba's skin (it's great, she's beautiful), so we're assuming it works.

The treatment has been profiled by Harper's Bazaar and can be done at home. Jessica's session, however, was performed by her friend and aesthetician Shani Darden.

Sure, we know it's a little bit Jason Voorhees...

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...and a little like "The Man in the Iron Mask"...

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...and even a little Hannibal Lecter-esque...

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...but who cares? It's working for Jessica Alba!

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