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Rihanna Celebrates Her New RiRi Perfume, Calls Kanye’s VMAs Speech 'Incredible'

Rihanna Celebrates Her New RiRi Perfume, Calls Kanye’s VMAs Speech 'Incredible'

"Extra's" AJ Calloway caught up with Rihanna at the launch of her new fragrance RiRi by Rihanna last night in NYC at Macy’s Herald Square.

The star, who was a vision in a pink Vivienne Westwood gown, gushed over friend Kanye West and his MTV VMAs speech.

"I love him to death," she said. "I thought his speech was incredible. I thought it was very insightful, and I feel like our culture and our generation needed that."

The 27-year-old also told AJ about the inspiration behind her perfume. "I wanted it to be a very flirty, girly, sassy fragrance. I wanted it not to feel too sexy, but just something that felt right, that smells good, that smells delicious. and we used a lot of fruity, citrusy tones with a little bit of vanilla and a little bit of rum."

She says RiRi is the perfect perfume for day or night. "You can wear it out with your girls, you can wear it out anywhere. It's not one of those fragrances that's made for one specific time, it's something that just keeps getting better."

The international superstar also touched on her globe-trotting lifestyle, saying, "I'm always out running around in some city. It's crazy, and I always look at my pictures… it's like, 'Oh, my God, I look like I don't do anything but party'... But I don't ever go out unless I spent the day working."

Who does she like to party with? "I mean, besides my girls, of course… Travis Scott is a freaking awesome time. Diddy's always a good time no matter… you don't plan to go out with Diddy, he's just there in the club and then everything happens."