More Details on Murdered Journalists Alison Parker & Adam Ward

More Details on Murdered Journalists Alison Parker & Adam Ward
The live TV killings of WDBJ news reporter Alison Parker and cameraman Adam Ward have shocked America.

“Extra” has assembled info about the two victims.

Alison, a James Madison University's School of Media Arts and Design graduate, was an intern at the station before nabbing her position as a reporter. When she wasn't working, she was focused on her relationship with boyfriend Chris Hurst, another reporter for the station.

After the shooting, Hurst tweeted, "We didn't share this publicly, but @AParkerWDBJ7 and I were very much in love. We just moved in together. I am numb. We were together almost nine months. It was the best nine months of our lives. We wanted to get married.We just celebrated her 24th birthday."
"She was the most radiant woman I ever met. And for some reason she loved me back. She loved her family, her parents and her brother. I am comforted by everyone at @WDBJ7. We are a family. She worked with Adam every day. They were a team. I am heartbroken for his fiancee," he added.

Adam was engaged to a morning show producer at WDBJ, Melissa Ott, who was in the control room and saw the shooting happen. Another reporter revealed that Adam was looking to switch careers. He told her, "I'm going to get out of news. I think I'm going to do something else."

In 2011, Ward joined the WDBJ team after graduating from Virginia Tech with a degree in communication and media studies. One of his former professors, Robert Denton, said, "Adam was a delightful person. He worked hard -- you could tell he loved what he was doing. He wasn't afraid to pitch in and do whatever was necessary for the broadcast. He did whatever was needed with a smile and with grace. He was simply a very nice young man and very professional."

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Alison and Adam's family and friends.

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