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Dr. Drew Says Josh Duggar Should Be 'Ashamed'

Dr. Drew Says Josh Duggar Should Be 'Ashamed'
In a recent interview with "Extra," Dr. Drew took a moment to discuss Josh Duggar's recent molestation, cheating, and porn addiction confessions.

Dr. Drew said, "Josh Duggar is right… he is a tremendous hypocrite, he is. I'm upset by this case, though, because the reality is from the beginning we knew there was something wrong. This was a young male molesting younger females. That is a profound problem. You don't pray that away, you don't parent that away. That is an individual that's going to have serious problems. I predicted back when this story first broke that sex addiction was a likely phenomenon. Now, lo and behold, it's looking like that."

He added, "He allowed his younger sisters, the actual victims of his molestation, to step up and defend him. Imagine how they feel now. They must be absolutely humiliated. They were excusing and defending someone who really had a very serious problem, and they were identifying with the victimizer and subjugating themselves on his behalf. He should be ashamed of himself."

Dr. Drew continued with his assessment, saying, "He needs an evaluation, he needs a team of people who are expert in this area. He needs help. Stop with everything else, let him go get help, participate, whatever the doctors tell you he needs to do or you need to do on his behalf. Do it."

Drew switched gears to talk about his 2-part HLN special, "Transgender in America,” which will focus on transgender issues.

"Transgender in America" airs tonight and Thursday at 9 PM ET.