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Donald Trump Chats with ‘Extra’ on Iowa, Immigration, Politics, Polls… and Jury Duty

Donald Trump Chats with ‘Extra’ on Iowa, Immigration, Politics, Polls… and Jury Duty
Republican candidate Donald Trump took a moment to chat with "Extra's" AJ Calloway while leaving his apartment this morning in New York City.

Trump was on his way to jury duty, and told AJ, “It is a civic duty and I’m proud to do it.”

The Donald had just returned from a weekend campaign trip to the Iowa State Fair, where he touched down at the fairgrounds via helicopter. “It was an amazing experience, they’re incredible people, we had sort of a record-setting crowd… I love Iowa, the fair was fantastic."

While he was at the fair, he indulged on some of the fair delicacies. “I got to eat some of the food, it’s pretty good stuff, it’s my kind of food actually.”

Trump's recent comments about Megyn Kelly are rumored to have caused a rift between him and FOX News Chairman Roger Ailes, but he says the debate is behind them them. “Roger’s a terrific guy and I think it’s fine, FOX is being very nice to me and I appreciate that.”  

He also discussed his immigration plan and how he plans to deal with people who are living illegally in the US. Trump explained, “It’s a plan that a lot of people agree with — it’s gotten tremendous reviews, it’s a tough plan, but we have to make our country great again. We have to strengthen up the borders to a very large degree. I’m gonna build a wall, and legals can come in, if you’re legal you can come in… if you’re not legal, you have to go through a process, otherwise we don’t have a country.”

Switching gears, Trump took on Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. "Well look, she's got a tremendous problem with the email scandal. I don't even know if she's gonna make it. I would imagine she can't make it through that problem, but we'll see what happens. She had a terrible tenure as Secretary of State. She did a terrible job."

On leading in the polls, he says, “It feels great, it’s an honor, we’re way ahead of everyone and we’re gonna try to keep it that way.”

He revealed why he believes America is siding with him. “More than anything else they’re tired of being ripped off,  they’re tired of politicians, they’re all talk, no action and frankly our leaders are incompetent.”