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Eva Amurri Martino's Heartbreak: She Miscarries at Nine Weeks

Eva Amurri Martino's Heartbreak: She Miscarries at Nine Weeks
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Eva Amurri Martino has revealed on her blog that she and her husband Kyle Martino, host of "36 Hours," just suffered a miscarriage.

"I am sharing in the hopes that we can be a light for people going through similar circumstances, and to remind myself and others that there is no shame in voicing our heartbreaks and allowing others to comfort us," she wrote. Martino confirmed that she had been nine weeks along.

Ultimately, Eva's blog post about her loss was meant to be uplifting to others who'd experienced the unique sense of loss that accompanies a miscarriage:

"To anybody enduring similar heartache, I will tell you what I'm feeling and processing as a result of this loss: A lot of confusion, some anger, deep sadness, and also an immense amount of gratitude.  I have realized in the past forty-eight hours how incredibly grateful I am for the magic that I have in my life.  I have the most amazingly supportive husband, and two loving families.  I have wonderful friends, who have brought me nearly to my knees with their care and compassion during this hard time.  And most of all, I have a healthy and happy daughter who I can hold in my arms and whisper in to her ear how much I adore her and how blessed I feel that I was lucky enough to bring her in to the world.  I have so much."

The couple had just celebrated the first birthday of their first child, Marlowe Mae, posting pictures from her birthday party on social media.