Britney Spears Confirms Guest-Starring Role on 'Jane the Virgin’

Britney Spears Confirms Guest-Starring Role on 'Jane the Virgin’
Britney Spears is returning to primetime TV with a guest appearance on the upcoming season of CW's "Jane the Virgin"!

Britney confirmed the news by tweeting to the show's stars, Gina Rodriguez and Jaime Camil, "See u at the Marbella Hotel soon, @hereisgina @jaimecamil! Guest starring on one of my favorite shows EVER @CWJaneTheVirgin #DreamComeTrue."

Gina, who won a Golden Globe for the show this year, responded on Twitter, "Literally fell out my chair @britneyspears I can not wait to work with you beauty! I'm covered in goosebumps. This is unreal!!!"

Jaime tweeted, "You're the absolute best @britneyspears! It'll be a great honor to have you on the show! #DreamComeTrue for us😉."

Showrunner Jennie Snyder Urman recently gave details to People on Britney's role. "We're really excited. We have a backstory, it turns out she is a real nemesis of Rogelio's, but the sort of quality of their attraction is a little bit in dispute between what Rogelio thinks and what Britney thinks."

"When we found out she was a fan, we said, 'Would you please, please be on the show?’ Happily, she said yes," Jennie added.

Britney has previously guest-starred on "How I Met your Mother" and "Will & Grace.”