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Ariel Winter Opens Up on Breast Reduction Surgery at 17

Ariel Winter Opens Up on Breast Reduction Surgery at 17
"Modern Family" actress Ariel Winter made a bold move by discussing her decision to have breast reduction surgery in an interview with Glamour.

When Ariel was growing up, she dealt with an awkward growth spurt. “I remember being in my sister’s wedding and being so flat and thinking, I just wish I would grow boobs! And then overnight I did. But then they kept growing and growing and growing, and it didn’t seem like they were going to stop. I was 15 years old with [size] F [breasts]. It’s like, How do you navigate that?”

In June, Ariel went under the knife to go from a size 32F to a 34D. She recalled the moment when she decided she wanted to get the surgery. “I went to a swimsuit store with my cousin a few months ago and couldn’t find a bathing suit that fit me. I really felt bad about myself. I didn’t feel happy. I just kept saying, ‘What am I going to wear? There’s nothing for me to wear at the beach, at the pool.’ I can’t go to a party with my friends and wear the same thing as them. I have to be completely covered up; otherwise I’ll look a certain way that I’m not intending to look.”
Ariel Winter 2[Credit: Collin Stark and Jessica Stark]
After she got the surgery, Winter told one of her close "Modern Family" co-stars about it. “I told [only] Julie Bowen because I had talked to her before about my desire to have the surgery. She was really supportive and understanding. I just saw Sofia [Vergara] the other day, and she was like, ‘Oh my God! I love them! They’re great!’ I was like, ‘This is hilarious.’ It’s funny—it's like the guys don’t want to say anything, so they don’t and they just are [thinking], There’s a change. Which is good, I mean [laughs], but it’s funny now for them to notice and see the reactions. Everyone is really happy for me and has been super supportive. They understand I’ve been struggling with this for so many years.”

Once she told her co-stars, she knew it was time to tell the world. “I didn’t want to not tell anybody and then have another million stories [say], ‘What happened to Ariel? She looks so different.’ And I also think there’s some good that can come from [telling] my story. It’s something that I did to better my life and better my health, and I think that can benefit a lot of young girls. I have felt happier with myself than I ever have. I am living a dream that a lot of girls my age would love to be living, and I’m aware of that. I'm really grateful that I’m able to do that and have a voice that I’m able to speak to teenagers. I don’t want to do anything to mess that up.”
Ariel Winter 3[Credit:  Collin Stark and Jessica Stark]
The results of Ariel's breast reduction will be seen at this year's Emmys in September. “It will be my first [public] appearance, but I don’t know. I’m just excited to try on all the dresses! Now I can wear all styles of dresses and all styles of things! I don’t always have to pick the tightest, most form-fitting dress I can find. I can pick something else and still feel good about myself. I couldn’t do that before. I’m excited to finally actually feel confident and not just appear confident.”  

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