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Beyoncé Taking Heat for RIP #MikeBrown Post

Beyoncé Taking Heat for RIP #MikeBrown Post
Josiah Karnau/Getty Images
On the one-year anniversary of the shooting death of Michael Brown, an unarmed black teenager, in Ferguson, Missouri, Beyoncé has posted a meme on her Facebook page honoring his memory.

Unlike most RIP tributes, this one was always poised to generate controversy, since some believe Brown was merely a criminal shot by Officer Darren Wilson in self-defense.

RIP #MikeBrown

Posted by Beyoncé on Sunday, August 9, 2015

The comments range from disapproving ("You do realize he punched a cop in the face right?") to demeaning (many referring to the late teen as a "thug"), to blatantly racist. There are also plenty of supportive comments, including one in response to fans claiming they'll unfollow the pop star: "Bye! Yonce doesn't want people who don't know the value of a human life."

Since the killing, former Officer Darren Wilson, who left the force at the same time a grand jury declined to indict him, has lived in seclusion outside of St. Louis