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John Stamos Feels Very Healthy

John Stamos Feels Very Healthy

“Extra’s” Renee Bargh caught up with John Stamos on Thursday at the Television Critics Association panel about his new show, “Grandfathered.” This was Stamos' first red carpet appearance since a stint in rehab and DUI arrest.

He revealed he feels “really good.” The 51-year-old actor told Renee, “I feel very healthy, very clear and super happy to be working on this new show.”

Stamos is working with Josh Peck, who plays his son on “Grandfathered.” John says he always wanted to have kids of his own. “It is something that’s a dream of mine to have a family, and now I got a kid and a grandkids in one fell swoop."

Josh is excited to be playing his son. “I wish I could teleport and talk to 13-year-old Josh and be like, ‘Puberty is going to work out well, you get to play John Stamos' son.'”

Stamos is also busy reprising his role as Uncle Jesse on Netflix’s “Fuller House” and producing the “Full House” sequel. “It’s everything that I want it to be… it’s fantastic, people are just gonna love it, it’s exactly like the old show, we didn’t update it.”

John said he is not sure if the Olsen twins will return, but said, “I guess there’s hope.”