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What’s Next for Jon Stewart After 'Daily Show' Goodbye?

What’s Next for Jon Stewart After 'Daily Show' Goodbye?
Jon Stewart is just hours away from his final show on Comedy Central's "The Daily Show," which he has hosted since 1996.

Once he wraps his last show tonight, folks are wondering how Jon will fill the void in his schedule.

He could possibly keep himself busy doing standup comedy, directing, producing, and spending more time with his family at their newly bought farm in New Jersey. There are rumors that Jon may use the farm as a platform for animal advocacy.

Prior to a recent taping of "The Daily Show," Jon took time to answer audience questions. When asked if he would return to standup, he responded, “That’s how I started and that’s…  I’m sure that’s how I will end.” Jon also gave a surprise performance at The Comedy Cellar last month.

Last year, Jon was able to spend time away from “The Daily Show” to direct his first feature, “Rosewater," and explained to “Extra” why he wanted to direct. He has such a great reason, we won't be surprised if he continues to direct in the future. Watch his answer.

Though Jon will no longer be on "The Daily Show," he could continue to produce shows for the network, such as "The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore,” but we'll just have to wait patiently to see what Jon decides to do next!

In honor of Jon's last night, we’re looking back at our favorite moments with the comedian. Check it out!