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Gigi Hadid on the Perils of Fame, Breakdowns, and Why She Puts Her Phone Away

Gigi Hadid on the Perils of Fame, Breakdowns, and Why She Puts Her Phone Away
"Sports Illustrated" supermodel Gigi Hadid admits she has succumbed to the pressures of being Hollywood's new "It" girl, but luckily... she has her mom, Yolanda Foster!

In a candid interview with Daily Mail Australia, Gigi revealed what happens when she can't handle all the stresses of fame. "The other day I had a bit of a breakdown at home, but thankfully I was with my mom and I just like cried in bed, and I was like, I'm not mad at anything and I'm not ungrateful, but it's just sometimes it is a lot."

"Once you get to a certain level you're just always on, and that's what gets really tiring is when you don't get to turn it off, and I think that's also not healthy for everyone. My mom was just like, 'What we're going to do is you're going to hang out at home and put your phone away for a couple of hours,'" she added.

When Hadid struggles with fame, she has her own way of coping with it. "Once you just tell yourself  'OK, I'm going to have a breakdown right now and I'm going to cry for an hour, put my phone away, I'm going to go swimming and them I'm gonna make my family dinner, and lay on the couch and watch 'Ru Paul's Drag Race,' once you accept that it's not the day and you can just have a breakdown you're over it."

Gigi understands that a meltdown is part of being human in an industry that is obsessed with the idea of perfection. "When you try to go through it, like, 'Oh no, I'm not going to have a breakdown, I'm Wonder Woman and I'm going to be great every single day,' if you don't let yourself be human, then it's just going to turn into a s--t show.”