Gigi Hadid on Modeling Nude and Being a Post-It Girl

Gigi Hadid on Modeling Nude and Being a Post-It Girl
Steven Meisel for W magazine
Gigi Hadid gives the word “model" a whole new definition. You’ve either seen her posing in nothing but her blond tresses, or in selfies with BFFs Taylor Swift and Kendall Jenner.
W magazine chose Gigi for their September cover, calling her “the world’s most connected supermodel. “
[Photo credit: Steven Meisel for W magazine]
Growing up in Santa Barbara with a supermodel mother, Gigi landed her first modeling job at 2 years old. She really made a mark on the modeling world when she landed her biggest gig — becoming the face of the fragrance Velvet Orchid.
“Yes, I was nude, but nude works with fragrance!” Hadid recalled. “I’ve never been scared of being naked in pictures, but I wouldn’t do naked for naked’s sake.”

[Photo credit: Steven Meisel for W magazine]
Within the past two years, Gigi has climbed the ladder of high-end  modeling. At the level of Cara Delevingne and Kendall Jenner, she is one of the “Post It Girls.” W magazine has coined this term to describe these new generation models that became instant celebrities.
Gigi says fame, though quickly increasing, won’t get the best of her. "I have always been aware of the business side of this industry. I've always seen it as a career that required work and planning."
While modeling, Gigi manages a social life with boyfriend Joe Jonas and best friend Taylor Swift. She mentioned that in her free time, her hobby of choice is baking.
“When I was 15, my mom put me on dessert duty for Christmas, and I didn’t just make one cake. I made many cakes, cupcakes with Santa Claus faces, a reindeer sleigh made out of candy, dozens of cookies, and I would have kept going, but she told me to stop. Other models get overwhelmed by the parties and nightlife. With me, it will be baking, and that’s okay. It keeps things from going to your head.”
Don’t miss Gigi in the September issue of W magazine, on newsstands August 18.