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Bobbi Kristina Brown Feared Dying Like Whitney Houston

Bobbi Kristina Brown Feared Dying Like Whitney Houston
Bobbi Kristina Brown's friend Daphne Barak opened up on her past fears and alleged drug use in a new article for DailyMail.

Daphne revealed, "Bobbi Kristina confided that she felt she had to rush through life, as if she feared she would end up like her mother. I will never forget her disturbing words. Sadly, her premonition came true." Whitney and Bobbi spent their last conscious moments in bathtubs.

Barak had strong suspicions that Bobbi was on drugs after spending time with her and boyfriend Nick Gordon in 2014. "The plan was to go for lunch and then watch her mother’s wedding footage together. But after Nick joined us with a prescription, Bobbi Kristina’s attention was only on one thing – to get hold of the drugs... My suspicion rose further when she began to ask every few minutes: ‘Where are they? Why does it take so much time to get the pills?’"

"The following day I discovered a pharmacist’s receipt in Nick Gordon’s name. The prescription had been for Oxycodone, a synthetic painkiller similar to morphine, used by terminally ill cancer patients," she added.

Daphne also reflected on her last phone conversation with Bobbi before she was found unconscious in January. "I remember with sadness our last phone call, a few weeks before she went into coma. She was down. She talked about a programme about her late mother on TV. She was upset not to have been asked to contribute. I told her that her there would be hundreds of books and films about Whitney, but her memories would always be special to her. Stina felt instantly better and repeated that she wanted to come immediately to L.A. to record."

Bobbi and Daphne, who met last year, were working together on a documentary about Whitney Houston.