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Neighbor Remembers Bobbi Kristina and Nick's 'Passionate' Relationship

Neighbor Remembers Bobbi Kristina and Nick's 'Passionate' Relationship
Bobbi Kristina & Nick Gordon in January 2014 [Cred: Tiffany Rose/Getty Images]
If you would peg Bobbi Kristina Brown and Nick Gordon as neighbors from hell, you'd be wrong.

People magazine reports that their onetime neighbor, Debbie Brooks, has nothing but kind words for the couple she lived next to in Georgia.

Brooks says the pair were "darling" together. She was so fond of them she invited them to her Atlanta-area wedding... and got a free mini-makeover from Bobbi Kristina!

"The day of the wedding, they got there early... I am getting dressed and ready to go, and she comes in the room and looks at me and say, 'Oh, no, no, no — I got to redo your makeup," Brooks recalls.

Bobbi Kristina wound up giving the bride a smoky eye, informing her that she used to do makeup for her mom.

"You know what, if she was good enough for Whitney, then she is doing my makeup," Brooks thought. She was ecstatic over the results.

Brooks goes on to say that Bobbi Kristina and Nick had a blast dancing, and observes that they were each other's "life support." The tempestuous couple, who Brooks will always remember as "very passionate," even spent quality time with her when her dog died.

"They did not leave my side the whole day," she says.