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Jessica Alba Says Parenting Is Her Biggest Challenge

Jessica Alba Says Parenting Is Her Biggest Challenge
She runs a $1-billion company, makes Hollywood movies, but Jessica Alba’s biggest challenge to date… parenting.
Alba sat down with Yahoo Parenting to talk about raising her two daughters; Honor, 7 and Haven 3, and she couldn’t have done it without her partner in life, husband Cash Warren.

"I have two very different girls, and the way that I parent one is different than the way that I parent the other. There's no cookie-cutter way of going about it. I think we as women — and as moms — we need to show younger girls that we support each other no matter what, and to try and not be so judgmental. I wouldn't be able to do what i do if i didn't have a great partner. My husband's loving and supportive, and Cash is a great dad, and we're very much a team."
Warren has also been instrumental in helping his entrepreneur wife with her highly successful business, The Honest Company.

She revealed, “He's a good listener. He's been an entrepreneur longer than I have. He helps me a lot. From a business perspective, we both make physical stuff, and then from an entertainment perspective, we, you know, make fantasies. He does more documentaries, more thoughtful stuff than i've ever done, but we have a lot in common, weirdly.”
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