‘Crime Watch Daily’ Host Matt Doran Takes Over Manhattan

‘Crime Watch Daily’ Host Matt Doran Takes Over Manhattan

Matt Doran, host of “Crime Watch Daily,” the dynamic new crime show launching nationwide September 14, took over Manhattan this week as the Australian native visited New York to talk to key press and meet with local Tribune affiliate, WPIX.

While in town, Matt appeared on PIX11 Morning News, and returned later to appear on its 5 PM newscast, where he had a chance to chat with iconic weather expert "Mr. G." While backstage, Mr. G took the opportunity to teach the Aussie how to speak like a bona fide New Yorker and hilarity ensued. Watch!

Also, during a brief break, Matt visited Big Apple tourist attractions, including 30 Rockefeller Plaza’s “Top of the Rock” (photo above).

“Crime Watch Daily,” executive produced by Lisa Gregorisch-Dempsey, Scott Eldridge and Jeremy Spiegel, is the first crime show to air in daytime syndication covering a wide scope of stories from unsolved murders to compelling mysteries, and from undercover investigations to shocking crimes caught on video.

The series will uncover untold stories happening in small towns around America and turn them into national headlines.