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Chrissy Teigen Naked on Magazine Cover… How She Maintains That Body!

Model Chrissy Teigen is baring all of her secrets (and her body!) as the September cover star for Women’s Health UK.

In the stunning photo, Chrissy teasingly smiles, with her arms playfully hugging her nude body.

rsz_image001[Photo Credit: Women’s Health / John Wright]
“I used to take pride in the fact that I didn’t have to work out, and then I hit that age where you have to. I want to drink champagne and have hearty dinners, so I would rather work out for an hour and be able to do what I want.”
Chrissy admitted that while she is committed to eating well, it hasn’t always been easy. “I’ve always had to watch myself. My family is not naturally thin, and we put on weight quickly. I find low-carb works for me. Even when I eat healthy grains like quinoa, I keep them to a minimum.” Chrissy will be releasing a cookbook next year.
Being honest with the magazine, the model talked about some body imperfections she deals with.
“My tummy has always been my problem area. I’ve never seen an ab ever — no matter how many crunches I do. I would love to have a little fat on my sides so I can be sexy, curvy. I’d love a big butt. But I just can’t get there.”
The full interview appears in the September Naked Issue of Women’s Health, on sale Thursday, July 30, with the digital edition on Apple Newsstand.