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Did Kylie Jenner Marry Tyga?

UPDATE: It turns out Kylie and Tyga are NOT married, according to Gossip Cop.

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Kylie Jenner posted two new Instagram pics and has sparked rumors that she married boyfriend Tyga!

In both photos, the 17-year-old is wearing a ring on her left ring finger.

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Kylie may have already hinted that a secret wedding had taken place when she appeared in the premiere episode of "I Am Cait," which aired Sunday.

During the episode, Kylie is given a vintage photograph of her grandma Esther when she was 17. After Kylie accepts the gift, Caitlyn commented, "I know, you do. Here's the kicker, she was 17 years old in this picture, and she was married," which leads Kylie to say: "Kind of like me.”

Kylie and rapper Tyga, 25, have kept their relationship under wraps and still have not even confirmed that they are dating.