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Real-Life 'Alex Vause' Says 'Orange Is the New Black' Is 'Total Fiction'

Real-Life 'Alex Vause' Says 'Orange Is the New Black' Is 'Total Fiction'
Bruce Glikas/Getty Images & The Security Brief
In frank comments on a daytime talk show, Cleary Wolters—on whom the character of "Alex Vause" in "Orange Is the New Black" was based—slams the show's authenticity ... but does it with tongue firmly in cheek.

Wolters details the unglamorous side of prison life to "The Security Brief" host Paul Viollis.
[Cred: Annemarie Bain/The Security Brief]

Wolters, who just published the book "Out of Orange: A Memoir," said on "The Security Brief" that the prison relationships in the popular Netflix series are "total fiction."

"That's like a lesbian bed-and-breakfast. If that's really the way prison were, I probably would've stayed," she deadpans in the new interview, which airs Tuesday, July 28, on REELZ.

As exciting as her life has been (she smuggled drugs and spent years in prison for it), Wolters has a new Instagram account that's more focused on cats than criminal behavior.

Meanwhile, Laura Prepon, who plays Alex, came out Thursday night for some Broadway fun, taking in the Tony-winning play "Fun Home," and stopping backstage for selfies with the cast.

Prepon behaves selfie-ishly with comedian Caroline Rhea and "Fun Home" star Michael Cerveris backstage after the show. [Cred: Bruce Glikas/Getty Images]

Season 3 of "OITNB" debuted June 12 to stellar reviews.