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Amy Schumer Talks Equal Treatment in Entertainment and Why Fame Won’t Last

Amy Schumer Talks Equal Treatment in Entertainment and Why Fame Won’t Last
Mark Seliger exclusively for GQ
“Trainwreck” star Amy Schumer is stunningly sci-fi on the cover of GQ’s August issue. She covers the "Star Wars" spectrum posing seductively in Princess Leia outfits while talking about being a woman in the entertainment industry.
“I've opened for male comics for years and see the difference in the treatment. It's the expectation of how a woman is going to be, or should be: Be sweet and likable and apologize for stealing oxygen from the world. Just be a pleasure and service whatever the experience is. And it's 'What a c**t — did you just hear her ask for that thing she's supposed to have?' All I've ever wanted is to be treated like a comedian who's performing at your venue, who sold it out. Just talk to me how you would talk to Bill Burr, who was here the week before me.”
In comedy, Amy said she believes in complete equal treatment of genders and has always wanted to be a part of “providing a voice for women that was palatable for men also. An honest, unapologetic human voice… I'm not going to shy away from doing it, I'm going to say the stuff that makes me unappealing. I chose to do that.”

[Photo Credit: Mark Seliger exclusively for GQ]
Amy, who has been in the spotlight with her new movie “Trainwreck” and her popular Comedy Central show, feels like fame won’t last.
“I truly feel I'm getting a lot of attention right now and it's just a ticking time bomb. Like, I wonder what the thing is going to be that will make people want to burn me at the stake. There's no way to control it. I think it will be really arbitrary and a misunderstanding. But yeah, I'm really enjoying the love right now.”
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