Emmys: Jeffrey Tambor, Jill Soloway Revel in ‘Transparent’ Nominations

Emmys: Jeffrey Tambor, Jill Soloway Revel in ‘Transparent’ Nominations
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“Transparent” star Jeffrey Tambor and the shows’s producer and creator Jill Soloway were with “Extra’s” Renee Bargh celebrating their show’s 11 Emmy nominations.
Tambor was nominated for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series for his portrayal of Maura Pfefferman. Soloway was nominated for Writing and Directing.
As the two were getting ready for a table read, Jill proclaimed, “We’re gonna play Sia's ‘Chandelier’ and we’ll have a dance party at the table read and celebrate.”  

When the nominations were announced, the cast and crew gathered to watch. Jill explained what followed. “We jumped up and down for the Jeffrey nomination, then jumped up and down for the show nomination… as they kept reading every one of the nominations, we were losing our minds.”

Tambor, who has been nominated for an Emmy six previous times, commented, "I’m gonna be really really honest with you, I’m so happy for Amazon, I’m so happy for Jill. She started this story, from her gut, from her heart… there’s so many people who watch this. It’s about family, families will realize every family has a secret, and every family laughs and cries at Thanksgiving, and that is our show.”
The show tells the story of how a family deals with one of the members coming out as transgender. Jeffrey noted Caitlyn Jenner’s influence on the show, since she came out around the same time.
Jeffrey remembered what it was like to wake up and see her story on TV. “There was Caitlyn, knocking it out in her beautiful white dress and saying all these beautiful things.”
Soloway even mentioned that there has been talk of Caitlyn appearing on the show in the future. “Transparent takes place in Los Angeles, Maura lives in Los Angeles, and Caitlyn lives in Los Angeles, there’s certainly a world in season two where we have to acknowledge the fact that Caitlyn exists… we also want Caitlyn to visit, just as an honored guest, and come to a table read.”