At Universal Studios Hollywood

Rob Gronkowski Dances Like No One Is Watching!

Rob Gronkowski Dances Like No One Is Watching!
New England Patriot Rob Gronkowski aka "Gronk," took some time to speak with “Extra's" Charissa Thompson about his new book, "It’s Good to Be Gronk,” at Universal Studios Hollywood.

During the interview, the 26-year-old football star revealed that he was single after responding "No I don't” to the girlfriend question.

Gronk also got the audience excited about his book by saying, "Definitely kept it a little crazy at some points, then serious at other points, it just has it all. I feel like it's a great read for sure.”

Rob has been so busy playing football and writing books that he hasn't spent the money he has earned from the NFL. “I just never really lived that fancy of a lifestyle growing up just if I got a nice crib, a car that works fine, air conditioning works, I'm usually satisfied.”

Right before he wrapped up the interview, Charissa challenged Rob to a game that tested his throwing ability. After the game, Charissa and Rob had a dance party.

Watch Rob get down!