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Kristen Stewart on Changing Her Hair... and Her Life

Kristen Stewart on Changing Her Hair... and Her Life
TESH/Marie Claire
Actress Kristen Stewart has carved out a brand new look for herself on the cover of this month’s Marie Claire.
She recently told the magazine that being unique was initially a struggle that plagued most of her early twenties.
“It was a really traumatic period in my early 20s that kick-started something in me that was a bit more feral."
Kristen described the experience as being in a girl prison, where she was judged for not being the cultural norm.
"Between ages 15 and 20, it was really intense. I was constantly anxious. I was kind of a control freak. If I didn't know how something was going to turn out, I would make myself ill, or just be locked up or inhibited in a way that was really debilitating."
The solution was found in time, says the now 25-year-old starlet.
"I'm really proud that I am able to move forward and not fall into every mental crater. That's a new thing for me. Age has made me smarter and calmer. And it is fu**ing awesome."

[Photo Credit: TESH/Marie Claire]

Some of Kristen’s changes have included her appearance, specifically her hair.
"My hair was such a crutch… I could hide behind it. As soon as I didn't have all that hair, I had to let my face hang out. I felt more confident than I had in a really long time. And it felt really good.”
Read the interview and see the photos in the August issue of Marie Claire, on newsstands July 21.