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Will Ryan Reynolds Reprise ‘Deadpool’ Role?

Will Ryan Reynolds Reprise ‘Deadpool’ Role?
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The “Deadpool” trailer wowed the crowd at Comic-Con, but the star of the movie, Ryan Reynolds, had fans wondering if it would be the last time they would see him as the mercenary with a mouth.

Reynolds recently said he has no desire to play another superhero after “Deadpool," clarifying his comments to “Extra” at Comic-Con. Ryan explained, “I’ve punched that card a few times, and I feel comfortable saying I don’t think I’m going to ever be playing like a traditional superhero again after ‘Deadpool.' I mean, hopefully I get to make more ‘Deadpool’ films. I just feel like you have so many trips around with varying levels of success you let it go. That’s just a natural thing.”
As for what fans can expect when it hits theaters next year, Ryan said, “You’re going to see everything you love about ‘Deadpool,' that’s for sure. You’re going to get your fourth wall breaking. You’re going to get your merc with a mouth. You’re going to get your scars, you’re going to get everything, and you’re going to get the greatest comic book to film adaptation to a suit you’ve ever seen in your life.”
Of course, we couldn’t let him go without bringing up the April Fools' joke when “Deadpool” killed “Extra” host Mario Lopez. So how would “Deadpool" take him out again? “I’m predicting a messy stabbing death for him… a ‘Deadpool’-inspired, messy stabbing death. Sorry, Mario.”

“Deadpool” will hit theaters in February 2016.