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Caitlyn Jenner’s Car Accident Caught on Surveillance Video

Caitlyn Jenner’s Car Accident Caught on Surveillance Video

In February, before Bruce Jenner introduced Caitlyn to the world, the reality star was in a horrific car crash in Malibu.

Now, TMZ has obtained video of the accident that left another driver, Kim Howe, dead.

The video was shot with cameras mounted on an MTA bus that was traveling the opposite direction from Jenner.

The video shows Jenner’s SUV hit a white Lexus driven by Howe, then a blue Prius. The Lexus was pushed into oncoming traffic and struck by a Hummer.

Jeffrey Wolf (Heimanson & Wolf, LLP) and John Sheehan (Cellino and Barnes, L.C.), attorneys representing the stepchildren of Kim Howe, released the following statement, “This video shows an aspect of reality that Ms. Jenner continues to deny. Our clients are moving forward with this lawsuit to give a voice to Kim Howe who was killed as a result of Ms. Jenner’s actions. Ms. Jenner has failed to appear for her noticed deposition, so we are surprised to hear that she intends to cooperate in every way possible with this investigation. We encourage Ms. Jenner to be that role model that she seeks to be. That means accepting responsibility for what she has done.”

The L.A. County Sheriff’s Dept. is still investigating the matter.