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Jessica Springsteen: The Riding Champ on Her Rock Style and Childhood Memories

Jessica Springsteen: The Riding Champ on Her Rock Style and Childhood Memories
Matthew Kristall
Teen Vogue’s August issue features champion horseback riding jumper Jessica Springsteen talking about her edgy style, driving passions, and growing up the daughter of an icon.
"My personal style depends on what I'm doing or where I am. I wear a lot of jeans and jean shorts, and t-shirts, and I love leather jackets, it's pretty relaxed. I try and borrow my mom's vintage stuff as much as she lets me—she has this amazing vintage Gucci that I love." Jessica knows how to keep the balance between dressing sophisticated and keeping it edgy.
When she was just a toddler, parents Patti Scialfa and Bruce Springsteen moved from Los Angeles to a farmhouse in New Jersey. Jessica is thankful for the experience, saying, “It was a more grounded upbringing.”
Jessica quickly shifted from rock princess to horseback champion. "My parents taught me that having a passion is a rare thing, so following it through and working hard, even when it's tough, is important."
It’s not surprising that this 23-year-old has found so much success in horseback show jumping; she grew up with a dedicated father as an example.

“When my brothers and I were little, we would go on tour with Dad—but we'd watch the first half of the performance, then fall asleep," she recalls. "When I was in college, he was playing right by my school, so I brought my friends. They had so much fun, it made me get into it. That was the first time I'd watched a whole show!"
In her spare time, Jessica loves to go to her dad’s concerts, watch "Wedding Crashers" and follow stars Lena Dunham and Chrissy Teigen on Instagram. She says, "I like the funny ones!”
To read more about this medal-winning rider, check out the August issue of Teen Vogue.