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Beauty Roundup: Girls Take Stand Against Makeup Shaming!

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    Girls are Taking a Stand Against Makeup Shaming by Wearing It on Half Their Face

    YouTube beauty blogger Nikkie has officially started an anti makeup-shaming revolution. Since her “The Power of Makeup” video went viral, girls everywhere are now joining to help stop makeup shamers, who attack girls for wearing lots of makeup in pics and videos. Full Story: Elle

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    Eyebrow Hair Transplants Are Here

    Sick of running hair growth serums through your brows every night and penciling them in every morning to get the full, bushy Cara look? Well, if you've got $7,500, Dr. Keith Durante, a board certified surgeon with offices in NYC and Southampton, is offering a service called the Cara package that will deliver the brows of your dreams, permanently. Full Story: Harper's Bazaar

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    Kate Moss Is About to Make You Want to Try Japan's Number One Face Serum

    Our growing fascination with Asian skin care just got an assist from Kate Moss. She just signed on as the face of the new global campaign for Decorté, the brand that makes Japan's top-selling prestige face serum.1; Full Story: Glamour

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    This Bearded Bride Photo Shoot Is the Most Breathtaking Thing You'll See All Day

    Harnaam Kaur first started growing facial hair at the age of 11. She was diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome, a condition that causes a hormone imbalance in women. From then on, her life was a constant battle; she suffered from bullying, which eventually led her to self-harm. Full Story: Cosmopolitan

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    How to Plant Your Own Beauty Cabinet

    TWe love beauty products. It’s a fact clearly demonstrated by the endless packages we have arriving at TC HQ, and our subsequent quest to figure out exactly what will make our skin glow, and how we can execute the ideal lip liner situation. We love everything about them: the luxurious, weighty packaging and the creamy textures, but if we could make it all ourselves and get the same results? Just think of the satisfaction — and the saved money! Full Story: The Coveteur