'Ant-Man’ Star Michael Douglas Says Son Is Impressed with Marvel Movie

'Ant-Man’ Star Michael Douglas Says Son Is Impressed with Marvel Movie
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Michael Douglas hit the Los Angeles premiere of his new movie “Ant-Man” solo, but that doesn’t mean his family isn’t supporting him.  

Douglas chatted with “Extra’s” Renée Bargh at the premiere, where he said his wife Catherine Zeta-Jones and their children, 14-year-old Dylan and 12-year-old Carys, were still vacationing overseas, but will be joining him at the movie’s London premiere.

“I just came over her for this, but the next premiere is in London, this next weekend, so they're coming on the red carpet and all that, and they’re very excited.”  

The Oscar winner said his kids haven’t yet seen the film, but thinks they will be happy with the Marvel movie.
“He was like my agent, Dylan. He’s 14, he's like, ‘Dad, you don't understand, this is a new audience for you,’ and I said you‘re right, most of my career was R-rated movies.” 

Douglas also said his kids try to get him up to speed on social media. “I'm a very slow learner, I get very nervous,” said Douglas. “I say ‘Show me,’ and they try to take it out of my hand.”
He added, “I say, ‘Don’t take it out of my hand, tell me, show me so I can do it. You go and do it so fast that I can never repeat that.’”
Don’t miss Michael Douglas in “Ant-Man,” in theaters July 17.