‘Return to Amish’ Sneak Peek! Extreme Makeover: Katie Ann Edition

TLC’s “Return to Amish” takes audiences back into the spinning lives of the ex-Amish rebels, as they decide whether or not they will stay.

We are calling this week’s episode "Extreme Amish Makeover: Katie Ann Edition,” as Katie Ann experiences living the big city life.

In this sneak peek, the once Amish Kate Stoltz, who is now a New York model, takes the reigns and plays older sister to the youthful Katie Ann.

This country girl is given a brand new hairdo, makeup, new clothes, and goes to her first real rodeo. She says she would even like a cowboy of her own someday.

Is Katie Ann completely done with being Amish? “I’m just tired of being this plain old Amish girl. I felt like a rebel.”
She hasn’t said goodbye yet, especially with the hold of her family still on her!
Katie Ann admits, “That’s the only way I would stay Amish… is for them”
Watch “Return to Amish” on Sundays at 9/8c to see if Katie Ann chooses to stay or go!