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Courtney Love’s Car Trashed During Paris Protest, See Terrifying Pics!

Rock star Courtney Love detailed on Twitter how her car was smashed up, and her driver was being held “hostage” after being “ambushed” in a violent anti-Uber protest Thursday in Paris.

The 50-year-old musician and actress said she would have been "safer in Baghdad" and claimed that the protesters were "beating the cars with metal bats" while she attempted to get to the airport.

She shared pictures and videos from inside the car.

The protest was part of a nationwide strike by French taxi drivers against the American-based app service. Photographs from the news showed some of the protesters overturning suspected Uber cars and throwing rocks at them, while other demonstrators blocked access to the city's airports and train stations.

It was not clear if Love was traveling in an Uber vehicle, but the Hole singer said she managed to escape by paying "some guys on motorcycles to sneak us out."