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President Obama's Touching Essay on Fatherhood

President Obama's Touching Essay on Fatherhood
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You might think that being the leader of the free world might take away from someone's availability to be a good parent, but President Obama argues just the opposite in a touching essay for the July/August issue of More.

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Michelle Obama guest-edits the magazine, marking the first time a First Lady has ever guest-edited a magazine. For the publication's recurring "Second Sex" column, President Obama penned the essay "How the Presidency Made Me a Better Father," detailing how being pulled in every direction has allowed the president to more consciously choose to be there for his kids, Sasha and Malia:

"So for an hour or so at dinner, my focus is not on my day, but on theirs. I ask Sasha and Malia the usual annoying parental questions: How was school! What are your friends up to? Have you done your homework? What are you thinking about? In return, they spend a lot of time teasing me about my big ears or stodgy suits—and Michelle is always happy to join them."

POTUS Essay Image 1The President relishes those moments when he can just be Dad, "even if it's Daaaaaaad!" [Cred: More Magazine]

Read the rest of the heartfelt piece here, and don't forget to spend more time with—or honor the memory of—your dad tomorrow on Father's Day.