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Beauty Roundup: Rihanna Stuns with Gorgeous Flash Tattoo Collection

  • “Ink
    Ink Queen Rihanna’s Line of Gorgeous Flash Tattoos

    Aren’t flash tattoos going out? Rihanna says no! With a whole new line of flash tattoos, Rihanna is making these designs unique and affordable. Designed exclusively by Jacquie Aiche and the famous music star, the set is a steal. Full Story: Marie Claire

  • “Prepare
    Prepare Yourself for the Newest Version of Human Ken

    The newest Human Ken makes his debut. Mauricio Galdi says, “I never sought to be the Brazilian Human Ken.” Full Story: Redbook

  • “How
    How to Cover Up Sunburn in 60 Seconds

    Nothing can destroy an amazing summer look quicker than an evil sunburn. Here’s how to not let a sunburn ruin your day…by covering it up in 60 seconds. Full Story: The Coveteur