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Bobby Brown Addresses Rumors, Bobbi Kristina ‘Not Going Home to Die’

Bobby Brown Addresses Rumors, Bobbi Kristina ‘Not Going Home to Die’
Bobby Brown’s legal counsel issued a statement on Friday to E! News to clear up “numerous false reports and sensationalism regarding Bobbi Kristina over the last two weeks,” which included specific wording that said Bobbi is "not going home to die."
On behalf of Bobby Brown, Christopher Brown of Brown & Rosen LLC told the media outlet that Brown is focused on his daughter’s medical prognosis and the criminal investigation. “These are the priorities for us. Whoever had a hand in causing my daughter's injuries needs to be brought to justice," the statement said.
His attorney also asked the media not to report on Bobbi Kristina's cousin Jerod Carter, or his Bobbi Kristina Prayer Tour. "Bobby Brown is not associated with the Prayer Tour and does not support it."
Bobby also issued his own statement Friday: "Unless you hear it directly from me or through my attorney, do not believe any words attributed to me. I am making decisions with Pat Houston and we are working together for the medical care of my daughter. I do not have time for the frequent side shows that others choose to engage in almost on a daily basis."
Bobbi Kristina was found unresponsive in her bathtub on January 31, and has been in a medically induced coma since.