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Watch Carlos Santana’s Daughter Stella’s New ‘Switch’ Music Video!

Stella Santana just released her new music video for “Switch.”

The video, directed by Taryn “Teek” Anderson takes viewers through the emotional and personal roller coaster one goes through after a breakup.

“Switch” showcases the universal theme of questioning one’s choices, in this case, the ending of a relationship. Watch!

The daughter of famed musician Carlos Santana, who uses the all-caps version of her name STELLA, is no stranger to heartbreak. She wrote the song during her own personal struggle following a breakup.

Filmed in her Lower East Side neighborhood in New York City, fans follow a distraught Stella as she learns how to manage moving forward independently while still being pulled back in by the thoughts of her former partner.

STELLA’s debut project is slated for a fall 2015 release and includes songs "Friends," “Switch” and the soon to be released “Fumes.”