Sandra Bullock Loves Playing a Villain in ‘Minions’ Movie: ‘It’s More Me’

Oscar winner Sandra Bullock chatted with “Extra’s” Renée Bargh at the London premiere of her new animated movie, “Minions,” where the Hollywood star revealed this is the first time she’s playing a villain.

sandra-bullock[Credit: Getty Images]
“I know it’s nice, and it’s more me than anything else I played,” joked Sandra, who plays Scarlett Overkill in the movie. “She’s bitchy and crabby.”
In the “Despicable Me” prequel, Sandra plays the very first villain the minions meet. Her evil character ropes the little guys into stealing the Queen’s best accessory –- her crown!
Sandra is really excited to have her 5-year-old son Louis watch the DreamWorks film.
“He doesn’t know I’m in it, he doesn’t know that is what I do,” revealed Sandra, but said she did the film for Louis, and loved how easy it was. “That’s why I did it. They said we can go wherever you are,” said Sandra. “I’d take him to school… to do something like that meant a lot.”
Check out “Minions” in theaters July 10.