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Report: Scott Disick Shows Up a ‘Drunken Mess’ at Appearance, Fans Refunded

Report: Scott Disick Shows Up a ‘Drunken Mess’ at Appearance, Fans Refunded
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Yikes! It looks like Scott Disick has fallen off the wagon.

The reality star, who did a short stint in rehab in March, agreed to a meet and greet at Time Supper Club in Montreal on Saturday to help raise money for the ONEXONE $1 Feed a Child Campaign, but the appearance turned into a disaster when Disick showed up a “drunken mess,” according to In Touch.

A source told the mag, “Scott was belligerent and refused to do the meet and greet, which meant organizers had to give all the money back. It was a complete disaster.”

Onlookers said he went to the VIP section and was reportedly seen drinking with his entourage. When it came to the meet and greet, he kept moving around the venue.

Thierry Havitov, Marketing Director for the nightclub, told Daily Mail that Disick was paid a five-figure appearance fee, but showed up late and stayed for about an hour.

Havitov added, “He was in party mode.” He also explained that they had trouble finding a good spot for the meet and greet, because the club was so packed. At one point, a fight broke out between two women.

Havitov said, “We apologized for there not being a meet and greet and said online we would reimburse people. There was a lot of crying and a lot drama.”

In the middle of it all, the club was raided and Scott was escorted out.

While the night didn’t go as planned, Havitov defended Disick, saying, “We didn't hire Scott Disick to give a speech. We hired him to come and have fun with us.”