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Jay Leno Says He ‘Stopped Doing Bruce Jenner Jokes a Long Time Ago’

Comedian Jay Leno invited “Extra’s” Mario Lopez to talk at his favorite place — his Burbank garage where he stores over 130 cars and 93 motorcycles from his massive collection, and a place he has been spending more time since leaving “The Tonight Show” in 2014 after 22 years.

Leno opened up about life since passing the torch to Jimmy Fallon, and told Mario things haven’t really changed all that much. “The difference is, you don’t have to go home to write fourteen minutes every night. Usually with ‘The Tonight Show,’ if you go out to eat, you gotta go back and write the monologue every day, no matter what happened, you had to write jokes about what happened. Some days it was easier.”
He added, “You know when times are serious you do silly jokes, when times are silly, you can do serious jokes, that was sorta the rule.”
Leno revealed another rule he has for himself… not making Caitlyn Jenner jokes.
“Bruce is a friend of mine. I like Bruce. When we weren’t quite sure what he was doing, it was kinda funny, but now he represents something to a lot of people and he really is a good person, and we’ve been friends for a long time, so I stopped doing Bruce Jenner jokes a long time ago.”
Leno also revealed he didn’t watch David Letterman’s last “Late Show” show. “I was working that night, but I'm sure it was very good. I mean, Dave… obviously, Dave is terrific. I mean he and I sparred over the years, and you know we were always friends, and it was fun.”
Leno is, however, keeping an eye on his replacement. “I think Jimmy Fallon's terrific, he's doing just a really good job. He’s more like Johnny Carson than I think any of the hosts have been, because he's musical and he does silly pranks and he's got a boyish charm too. I think he’s terrific and he’s really a nice guy.”
The car enthusiast has been keeping busy doing standup and bringing his web show, “Jay Leno’s Garage,” to television.  

“I’m doing a show for CNBC, it’ll come on in October, a one-hour show, I’ll keep ‘Leno’s Garage’ on the web, but we’re gonna do a broadcast version.”
Leno also welcomed retired world champion racer Mario Andretti to his garage as well, and invited Mario to ride shotgun as he completed the final leg of the “Shell in the Road” cross-country relay.