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Gina Rodriguez: ‘I Want to Change the Idea of Minorities in the Media'

Best known for her lead role in CW’s “Jane the Virgin,” Gina Rodriguez sat down with Glam Belleza Latina magazine to discuss what it’s like being a young woman with Golden Globe success, and her goals.
 Gina-Rodriguez_glam_cover[Credit: J. Horton]

“Obviously, the win was fantastic, but the nomination itself was the win,” said Rodriguez to the mag. “I want to be acknowledged for what I do. For people to stop and say, ‘She can act her ass off. I want to work with her.'”
[ Credit: Dough Inglish]

Being the fourth Latina in history to win a Golden Globe put things in perspective for Rodriguez. “I want to change the idea of minorities in the media, or contribute to that movement — I’m not single-handedly doing it.”
Rodriguez said she strives for the unification of all ethnicities, wanting all women to feel successful and beautiful. “Not seeing a woman like me as a lead made me feel like I’d never be skinny enough, I’d never be pretty enough. I want to give young girls, like my niece, the tools to see a billboard and think that [non-Latina] girl is beautiful, but that’s not the only form of beauty. Jane’s story is about a beautiful, normal girl. We don’t talk about her weight or her looks.”
Of her values, Gina says, “I still embrace the values that I was raised with. When people post pictures of me on social media looking crazy, in mid-speech, I can still see beauty in those pictures. I’m real and I’m not put-together all the time, and that is just the truth. To live up to that is just too much. It’s not sustainable at all.”

[Credit: Dough Inglish]
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