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How the Duggars Josh-Proofed Their Arkansas Compound

How the Duggars Josh-Proofed Their Arkansas Compound
Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar told FOX News anchor Megyn Kelly several times during their June 3rd interview that after they discovered Josh had “improperly touched” their daughters, “safeguards” were put in place to prevent their eldest son from entering their bedrooms.
After the interview, many viewers were left wondering what the safeguards were.
According to Daily Mail Online, four years after the molestation, Michelle and Jim Bob built their custom 7,000-square-foot home with several design features in place so that Josh and the other boys were “blocked” from entering their sisters’ bedrooms.
The Duggar sisters' shared bedroom was built at the opposite end of their brothers’ second floor room, with the parents' master bedroom situated right in front of the girls' room, in between, reports the website.
This means that their sons would have had to walk past their parents' bedroom if they wanted to enter their sisters' room. They would also have to walk past Michelle's office. The girls’ and boys’ rooms are not only located at opposite ends of the home, but also separated by a “catwalk that stretches across the family's double-height living room and kitchen.”
Josh was 17 at the time the construction of the property was completed.
During the “Kelly File” interview, the parents also said that the children were not to play behind closed doors. “We don't let boys babysit,” Michelle said during the interview. “They don't play hide and seek together. Little ones don't sit on big boys' lap, people we don't know, or even family members, unless it's your daddy.”